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Student Services

Student Services consists of several student support services and is located at the Roeterseiland Campus (Building E, 10th floor and Building C, 1st floor).

Student Services offers information, advice or support regarding your registration as a student and other matters which concern studying at the UvA or student life in general. If we cannot help you, we will always refer you to a department or faculty which can. Student Services consists of several student support services.

Central Student Service Desk

The Central Student Service Desk (part of Student Services) is the first point of contact for general questions about studying at the UvA. You can go there with questions about your choice of study programme, enrolment, student grants and loans, living accommodations, studying abroad and much more.

Student counsellors

Student counsellors can help you with practical, personal, financial and study-related problems. Student counsellors also offer workshops and training courses for improving your study skills.

Student Careers Centre

The career advisers at the Student Careers Centre can help you with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling. Work with a career adviser to find out what you want, make choices, get insight into your capabilities and competencies, and improve your job application skills in order to achieve your career goals. As an international student, you are welcome to contact the career advisers on topics like finding an internship or an entry-level job.

Office of International Student Affairs

The Office of International Student Affairs (BIS) is the central international office of the UvA, focusing on study abroad. The office manages, among other things, the Global Exchange Programme and the Global Short Term Programme. They provide expert advice to students about one of these programmes and all other options to study abroad.

Student psychologists

Should you experience a lack of motivation or concentration, or any other personal problems, such as depression, anxiety or culture shock, you may wish to consult a student psychologist.

Other services

In addition to a large number of workshops and training courses for students (in all study phases), Student Services provides training and workshops for student counsellors and other staff members who provide student guidance, at the University of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and at the Vrije Universiteit (VU).

Student Services is also involved in the organisation of annual UvA events.

Furthermore, Student Services arranges and offers support to international students' accommodation.

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17 October 2018