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Bike removal program on Roeterseiland campus

From Friday 31 August, Amsterdam municipality will be conducting a ‘bike removal’ program on Roeterseiland campus at REC-A, REC-M and University property areas.

This keeps all bicycle racks usable and keeps campus grounds accessible for ambulances, fire engines and other service departments.

  • Bikes that have been parked in the areas for an extended period of time will be labeled. All labeled bikes that have not been picked up by the owners will be removed one week later and will be taken to the bicycle depot of the municipality Amsterdam.
  • Wrecks and other derelict bicycles will be taken away immediately.

Bicycle depot

Check the municipal website for information about the bicycle depot, conditions and how to collect your bike at a fee.

Please note: cut locks are not refundable.

Published by  Facility Services UvA

28 August 2018