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Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

Approach to 10-point plan Faculty of Science

Following the UvA Executive Board's 10-point plan, the Faculty of Science established a steering group and three working groups to prepare a constructive and effective translation for the Faculty of Science. They were asked to analyse the problems at hand and make proposals to the Faculty Board. In March 2016 the steering group presented the final reports of the working groups Governance, Teaching and research and Quality and study success to the dean.

In these reports a total of 80 recommendations were made on modernising governance, improving the relation between research and teaching at the Faculty, and improving quality and study success in a sustainable manner. 

Plan of action and progress reports

Based on these recommendations a plan of action was drawn up that outlines how, and the timeframe in which, the adopted recommendations will be implemented at the Faculty of Science. A progress report will be published quarterly.

Published by  Faculty of Science

21 March 2018