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Evacuation drill 30 October

On Monday 30 October there was an evacuation drill at Science Park 904 for the A, B, C and D buildings. The evacuation proceeded as it should, with the right people being called into action.

In the central hall below the main staircase a fire was staged by using a smoke machine.  As a result, Buildings A, B, C and D needed to be evacuated.

Extra gathering space

The drill showed that evacuated staff and students need more room to gather outside. One of the options that will be explored is to situate an extra gathering space on the side of the building nearest the train station. The existing gathering space is in front of the USC sports centre.

Due to a technical malfunction in the alarm system (the slow woop) it took longer than planned before everyone was allowed to re-enter the building.

ontruiming 30 nov 2017

The gathering space in front of the USC sports centre. Photo: Jan van Arkel


Evacuation drills are legally required and meant to ensure the safety of staff and students. Thanks and appreciation go out to the Faculty of Science's emergency response staff, as well as to all those who were present and participated in the drill. 

Published by  Faculty of Science

30 October 2017