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Study adviser Faculty of Science

For all students at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Science

The study adviser of the Faculty of Science's is there for you if you require support, supervision and information during your studies. Any conversations you have with us are strictly confidential.

These are some of the things the study adviser can help you with:

  • Advice when personal circumstances are having an impact on your studies;
  • Counselling support when making decisions;
  • Questions about seeking additional challenges or ways of deepening your academic knowledge;
  • Advice about planning your studies and what to do if you are going to be incurring a study completion delay;
  • Information about the University of Amsterdam's regulations;
  • Help with education-related complaints.

Use the menu to explore different sections of the website for more information about what the study adviser can do for you and how you can reach them.

We abide by the Code of Conduct of the National Association of Study Advisers LVSA

Published by  Faculty of Science

2 November 2018