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Six encouragement and graduation awards for UvA students

28 November 2017

Five UvA Bachelor's students received a Young Talent Encouragement award in the exact and technical sciences. In addition, Master's graduate Laura Driessen won the Dutch Graduation award for Astronomy. The prizes are awarded annually by the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences (KHMW) to talented young researchers.

The winners of the encouragement awards are: Robin van den Berg (category: Physics and technical physics - joint degree with VU), Eveline Tiekink (category: Chemistry - joint degree with VU), Mick Gielen (categorie: Mathematics and technical mathematics), Teun Mathijssen (category: Informatics and technical informatics) en Eleonore Corazolla (category: Medicine). These students obtained the best results in their year and received a monetary award of € 500.

De Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen

Group photo of the winners. Photo: Hilde de Wolf

Young talent

At the awards ceremony on 27 November, a total of 56 young talents in the exact and technical sciences received an encouragement award. Their average grade was 9.25. Nominees in the category Physics and technical physics, achieved the highest average grade: 9.44. Similar to last year, roughly 25% of the nominees was female. More than in previous years, the jury noticed an uptick in nominees following a broader programme than their main course of study. Many are following an honours programme or are pursuing a double Bachelor's degree.

Graduation award

In addition to the encouragement awards, the KHMW also bestowed a number of graduation awards on recently graduated Young Talent. For her thesis on a new supernova residue, UvA graduate Laura Driessen received the De Zeeuw-Van Dishoeck Graduation Award for Astronomy to the amount of €3,000.

The Royal Dutch Society of Sciences

The KHMW in Haarlem aims to build bridges between science and society by organising competitions, awarding scientific achievements and organising lectures and conferences. They are responsible for judging and awarding the annual Young Talent Encouragement and Graduation Awards.

Source: KHMW

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