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Register Master Thesis AI in DataNose

It is mandatory to fill in an online Master Thesis contract in DataNose, together with your Thesis supervisor, before you start your Master Thesis project.

An example of the Master Thesis contract form can be found below.

A link to the DataNose page can be found below. Only students can open this page. Please note that you should complete this page together with your supervisor.

Master thesis contract step-by-step

1. The project description has to contain the following: a brief description of the scientific problem and goal, the necessary steps to achieve the goal, estimation of amount of practical and theoretical work.

2. During your project you are required to have a daily supervisor, an examiner and an assessor (second reviewer). These are roles which can be assigned to members of staff, or researchers at the institute or company where the project is performed.

The daily supervisor is a permanent member of staff, a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Science (FNWI), or a researcher at the institute or company where the research project is performed. Note that the daily supervisor is a role that involves the day-to-day supervision and scientific guidance of the project. This, in some cases, can be the same person as the examiner. In other cases the supervisor may be a PhD student, company employee, etc. There are no official restrictions on this person, except the condition that the supervisor should be someone with sufficient expertise to perform the scientific guidance.

The examiner is a permanent staff member of the Faculty of Science (FNWI) and appointed as examiner by the Examinations Board. Please see the official list of examiners. The FNWI examiner will determine the final grade. In case the daily supervisor is appointed as examiner by the Examinations Board, the examiner and daily supervisor are the same person.

The assessor/second reviewer is also a permanent staff member of the Faculty of Science (FNWI)

3. Please complete the Timetable carefully, in consultation with your daily supervisor.

4. The daily supervisor (and the examiner, in case the first is not an examiner) evaluate the proposal. When they (or he/she) have given their approval you can start with your Master Thesis project.

5. If you want to change anything in a completed form in DataNose, please contact the secretary of the Examinations Board.

Published by  Education Service Centre

15 December 2017