Artificial Intelligence (Master's)

Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

Master Thesis AI

The Master Thesis AI is a mandatory part of the master programme, worth 42 or 36 EC, in which you conduct research at a high level.

The Master Thesis project takes place at one of the research institutions at the UvA or at an institution or company outside the university. In order to start your project properly you will have to find a supervisor and set up a timeline. In consultation with your supervisor you will have to write a brief project description, which will be included in a so-called Master Thesis contract. This contract will help provide structure regarding all matters concerning your Master Thesis project. The Master Thesis project of students who started in 2014 or earlier should be worth 42 EC. As of the academic year 2015/2016, the curriculum has changed, resulting in a Master Thesis project worth 36 EC.

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Published by  Education Service Centre

25 January 2018