Artificial Intelligence (Master's)

Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

During your Master Thesis project

Please keep the following points in mind during your research project.


Follow the time scheme described in your master thesis contract (in DataNose) as closely as possible.

Finish courses 

Make sure that you complete unfinished courses as agreed in your Personal Education Plan.

Interim evaluation

Halfway into the project, the progress of the project may be evaluated (by means of an interim-assessment). This is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended. This will be a good moment to discuss and tackle possible problems.  

The student or daily supervisor may initiate this meeting with the examiner. The evaluation should help the student to improve the quality and progress of the research project. The interim-assessment form can be found below. 

Mid-term presentation and feedback sessions

Twice a year, a session will be organised for students working on their master thesis projects. During these sessions the students who are (about) halfway into their thesis project will give a short presentation and receive feedback from fellow students and teachers.

In order to be invited for these sessions, you need to have registered your project in DataNose.

Writing your Thesis 

When writing your thesis, please use the standard title page below.

Example Theses

The UvA Scripties Online database offers previously written Theses from former students of the master AI. You can use this database to find examples.

Published by  Education Service Centre

15 December 2017