Artificial Intelligence (Master's)

Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

Before starting with your Master Thesis

The first and most important step before starting your Master Thesis is obtaining formal permission from the Examinations Board to start your project. The Examinations Board will check whether your study programme fits the formal requirements, which means you can only start your Master Thesis project  if you have completed all compulsory courses and have a planning for the rest of your courses. Please note that your thesis supervisor should agree with your course list.

Please fill in the form Personal Education Plan (PEP) in order to obtain permission from the Examinations Board .

The form should be sent to the Examinations Board. Once they have given their approval, you can start with your master thesis.

In case you started before 2013 and did not follow the curriculum as listed in the PEP form above, please use the form below.

Please complete this form as far as possible. If you have doubts or questions regarding your programme, you may want to make an appointment with your Study Adviser. Once the form (and appendices, if any) is complete, it should be signed by the Examinations Board.

Published by  Education Service Centre

15 December 2017