Artificial Intelligence (Master's)

Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

Internships and external projects

The master programme Artificial Intelligence offers students the possibility to do parts of their study programme in collaboration with a company and this may take place in the Netherlands or abroad. Students may choose to work on their project on the company's premises.

Please note:

  • It is very important that a student makes sure the project is compatible with their participation in the master programme AI. 
  • Matters to be arranged include supervision, confidentiality of the work, confidentiality of the information about the company, access to the work by the supervisor, the Examinations Board and the accreditation committee.
  • Do not sign any document before consulting the programme director
  • Student and company may reach an agreement on fee to cover costs. However, the student in question should not become an employee of the company.

Published by  Faculty of Science

21 February 2018