Artificial Intelligence (Master's)

Graduate School of Informatics - Faculty of Science

Student feedback session on Monday November 27th

All students of the master programme Artificial Intelligence are invited to take part in an open panel discussion about the programme on Monday November 27th at 1pm (~ 3 pm) in room D1.111 (Sciencepark 904).

This session is organized by the programme director Maarten van Someren, programme coordinator Nienke BoevĂ© and the Programme Committee in order to receive feedback about the programme. We will take the lead by formulating some statements to which students can agree or not. Anyone can raise issues and take part in the discussion.

Please join the discussion and let your opinion be heard about strong/weak points of the programme, courses, information, diversity, or any other issues. Your feedback is much needed and appreciated!

Free soft drinks and snacks will be available during the feedback session. 

Published by  Education Service Centre

10 November 2017